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Hello!  We thought you may have some questions about church that we could answer here.  The questions may change periodically, so check back with us again if you'd like.  You can also send us a question directly by sending an email to: pastor@churchatspringcreek.org. We welcome your questions and we welcome you!

Do I have to wear anything special when I come to your church?  No!  Please come as you are.  You can wear anything from blue jeans to a suit.  Whatever you have is fine with us.  We are pretty casual here.

Is there something for my children to do there?  Yes, there are children's and youth activities planned for each Sunday at the church. 

What if I don't have money to put in the offering?  No problem.  We do not expect visitors to put money in the offering.

What is offering?  It is a time to support the God-given ministries of the Church at Springcreek.

Do you have communion every Sunday?   Springcreek usually has communion the last Sunday of each month, and at other special times as well. Communion is usually offered the last Sunday of each month at Springcreek and at other special times. 

What is communion?  Communion is a time of remembering that Christ died for our sins.  All persons who believe in Jesus are invited to partake in this special time.

Do I already have to be a Christian before I can come to Springcreek?  Not at all.  We are here to help you know who Christ is as you are ready to know Him.

What does a typical Sunday morning worship service look like?  We come together to celebrate Christ through singing lead by the Praise Band and learning about scripture from Pastor Gene.

How long does church last?  We have a Bible study before the worship service starts, then the worship service begins at 11:00 a.m. and typically lasts for one hour.

Do I have to be a certain "type" of person to come to Springcreek?  We want you to know that Christ opens His arms to everyone, regardless of race, status, or where you are in your life at this very moment.  Springcreek also opens it's arms for you, and welcomes you.

Should I bring my Bible to church?  If you have one, yes.  If you don't, just let us know and we'll help you with that if you'd like.  Bible or not, you can still come to church.

I'm embarrased to bring a Bible, because I don't really know where to find scriptures in it.  Don't worry.  Everyone of us started just where you are now, not knowing where to find scriptures or even understanding the meaning of the scriptures.  No matter whether you've been a Christian for a long time, or are not currently a Christian, we all learn something new about the Bible each time we meet.

Do you have to become a member of the church to attend?  No.  You may come as often as you like.  If God leads you to join Springcreek, then great!  But there is no time table on becoming a member here.

What "kind" of church is Springcreek?  Basically, we are just everyday people living our everyday lives just like you, and stiving to find our purpose in life through God's eyes.   Come and let us help you find your God given purpose!

I'm uncomfortable going somewhere that I don't know the people.  What will happen when I walk through the doors?    You will be greeted by people that want to help you if you have any questions.  Are you a little shy?  That's OK, too.  We're here to help, but we also understand if you want to walk in quietly and sit down for worship.


We hope to see you Sunday!