Children's Director

Tristine Galvan

What's so funny?  I'm not sure.  Still thinking on that one.

Hobby:  Reading, gardening

Favorite Movie: I don't have one, but I do like popcorn with extra butter...

Favorite Music: contemporary Christian, and music from the 60's - 80's

Favorite place to eat: Vera Cruz--the chicken flautas are awesome

Who would I most like to have coffee with? My mom.  She always started her day with a cup of coffee.  She passed away June 2008.

 Tristine Galvan has worked  with the children at Church at Springcreek for two years.  Between her own two boys, babysitting for friends, substitute teaching, and working at Mom's Day Out programs, she has over 15 years experience with children.  She enjoys seeing them learn new things.