Children's Director

Tristine Galvan

What's so funny?  I'm not sure.  Still thinking on that one.

Hobby:  Reading, gardening

Favorite Movie: I don't have one, but I do like popcorn with extra butter...

Favorite Music: contemporary Christian, and music from the 60's - 80's

Favorite place to eat: Vera Cruz--the chicken flautas are awesome

Who would I most like to have coffee with? My mom.  She always started her day with a cup of coffee.  She passed away June 2008.

 Tristine Galvan has worked  with the children at Church at Springcreek for two years.  Between her own two boys, babysitting for friends, substitute teaching, and working at Mom's Day Out programs, she has over 15 years experience with children.  She enjoys seeing them learn new things.

Worship Pastor

Don Tharp

What's so funny?:  I like to make jokes out of words.  I'm a very Pun-ny guy.

Hobby: I enjoy riding the flat south Texas roads on my Trek bicycle.

Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music helped direct me into music as a child.

Favorite music:  Playing Classic Rock with Dr. Yahagi and the Mended Hearts, when not learning new contemporary Christian songs for the praise band.

Favorite place to eat: PJs of Victoria

Who would I like most to have coffee with? Friends of mine, the Williams' and the Rice's.

Dr. Donald Tharp has served as Minister of Worship for the Church at Spring Creek since its beginning in the spring of 2007.  He is a Certified Music Teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance, a Master of Divinity in Theology and a Doctorate of Divinity in Church Revitalization. He is an ordained minister in the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ and loves leading God’s people in worship and praise.  “Leading the praise band gives me great joy and encouragement.  It strengthens me to continue to reach out in my work at the Victoria High Schools as Guitar Instructor as well as with my private students at Tee's Music House. 




Gene Rice

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What's so funny? I think people serving God are often joyful and unintentionally funny.

Hobby: Remodeling (my house was built in 1913).

Favorite movie: Princess Bride

Favorite music: music from the 70's, contemporary Christian, Mozart's piano concertos

Favorite place to eat: Bejing Gardens

Who would I most like to have coffee with? My wife.

Dr. Gene Rice has served as the Lead/Teaching Pastor for the Church at Spring Creek since its beginning in the spring of 2007. He has over 30 years of ministry experience. This, combined with a compassionate passion  for sharing the relevance of the Church today, makes him the ideal person for this ministry.   His educational background includes a BA in Religion from Baylor University, an Masters of Divinity in Theology from Southwestern Seminary and a Doctorate in Pastoral Care and Ethics from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  He has lived in the Victoria area since 1989 and has a good understanding of the people.  He enjoys sharing with other pastors and churches that the goal of the Church at Spring Creek is to reach those who have been hurt, disenfranchised, and/or distant from God.  "Our goal is to reach out to the unreached and help them see the importance of Christianity and the church in their daily lives."