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Photoshop Elements 7

If you missed the Photoshop Elements class and are interested in other class times for this program, I also teach at Victoria College in the continuing education dept.  The next time for the beginner class at the college is in October.  Call the continuing education dept. at Victoria College for more information and to register.  In November, another class is offered that helps you design flyers and a greeting card.

A big thank you to the Church at Spring Creek for sponsoring this event at the mall, and to the police dept. for allowing us to use the community room free of charge. Another thank you goes out to Best Buy in the mall, who loaned us a laptop w/the program so that students could practice during class, and also gave us special coupons good toward the PSE 7 program.

Anyone interested in checking Spring Creek out, we'd be happy to see you!  Come and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the church.  We are a newer church start, so if you're interested in being part of something in its beginning stages, we'd be happy to welcome you!